Teens in Prison

Fifty years ago I used a new social work degree to work for the Minnesota Department of Corrections as a probation/Parole Officer. After three years I moved on to other agencies. Thirty years ago I left social work after seeing that few systems were designed to solve problems and only offered band-aid remedies. I began a woodworking career that continues to this day. However, as fate would have it, I got re-involved in the justice system four years ago by a prisoner who contacted me after reading one of my occasional letters to the editor. Now I’m on a mission to work with others to transform the criminal justice system. I’ve created a website that reflects my initial focus on how emerging adults are treated by the law. The long range vision is to promote fairness and real justice to a system that sorely lacks it…..irrespective of age, color, or financial well being. The problems are massive so the solutions need to be comprehensive.

for more info go to teensinprison.org